Quarterly Portfolio Updates

At Mirador, we have been writing quarterly portfolio updates for around 30 years. For decades these updates were long and technically impressive dissertations complete with numerous complex charts and tables. However, we eventually realized that these reports were not really appreciated by our clients and were more likely about us trying to impress people with our extensive knowledge. It seems like very few people actually read them, and hence there were few if any impressions made!

So, listening to what our clients really wanted, we now keep the reviews to one or two pages and have started including more information that people said they are interested in. Certainly, the main purpose is still to keep clients apprised of the most pertinent quarterly developments in the economy, the markets, the Triopay programs, and Mirador. But we continue to strive to make the information more concise, friendly, and readable.

As a Bloomberg Professional Terminal subscriber since 2009, believe us, we can present to you all sorts of charts and tables and we are able to produce plenty of additional market and investing details, complete with insights from our experience. And if that’s what you want, please contact us and we will be happy to meet with you in front of our 6-foot “Wow Board” and provide a more in-depth presentation of what’s happening in the investment world. Meanwhile, we hope you take the time to read the most recent Mirador Quarterly Portfolio Update and contact us with any comments or questions.

Q1 Portfolio Report 2024

Portfolio Update Report Mirador Corporation Q1 Report 2024 May 01, 2024 Dear Friends and Clients, What a joy to see all the Crocuses blooming and all the birds returning. And now calving has started out here on the toy ranch southwest of Longview. Although fall is my favorite season, calving

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