Securing your financial future with capital preservation and stable, long term investment income

Mirador Corporation is your Wealth Management Partner.

At Mirador Corporation, we pride ourselves on doing wealth management differently. We are a truly independent investment firm in Calgary with a focus on capital preservation and stable, long-term investment income.

Our non-mainstream, back-to-basics investment approach relies on facts, not fads, and prioritizes security over unrealistic growth expectations. It’s simple, we want you to prosper and we invest your money where we invest our own.

With decades of investment experience, we provide personal, one-on-one service with unbiased advice and complete transparency of fees and strategies. If you want a steady, long-term retirement income and complete peace of mind, then you have come to the right place.

What our clients have to say about us

Carol Meleshko
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My husband and I have been investing with Stan since about 1994. He has served our financial needs very well. Joyce is a great addition to his company. They are very smart and wonderful people. They have our complete trust and faith. They are so down to earth and honest. They are so easy to talk to and can meet you at any level. We thank them both for what they do and for being who they are. You can't go wrong with them. If you are looking to invest, choose them.
Dieter Kromm
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We first entrusted Stan with our investment portfolio during his RBC Dominion Securities tenure, then followed him to Scotia MacLeod and now Mirador. Stan and Joyce have created a unique, innovative and data/analytics-based investment service offering. Thanks to their stewardship, our portfolio has performed very well over the years and we have not lost a moment of sleep worrying about our investments. As satisfied clients, we highly recommend Mirador. D. Kromm & D. Hawker
Susan Scott
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As a long-term investor I have been extremely pleased with Mirador’s strong historical (and realistic) financial performance; objective, fact-based and unique investment approach; client focused service; and, their candid and informative approach. Stan and Joyce are an extremely diligent, hard-working and conscientious team. Their approach, results and focus on what’s best for their clients is truly unique and refreshing.
Kate Dauphinee
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Stan and Joyce make me feel as if I am their only client. They are great team and I feel confident investing with Mirador.

Not your average Wealth Management Company

We are not your run-of-the-mill investment company that hides behind overly complex financial products and short term gains which may not be in the best interests of clients long term goals. To us, portfolio management is personal. Just how it should be.

We invest alongside our friends and clients. We have the same investment needs as our clients, so we invest in only what we recommend to them – no exceptions.

True Independence

At Mirador Corporation, we have an unwavering commitment to true independence. We have no allegiances or associations with any branch manager or head office, and we won’t be easily influenced. We navigate the markets free from external influences, ensuring an unbiased approach to your financial success.



No allegiances / associations

No external influences

No third party investors

No Jargon, No Surprises

At Mirador, transparency isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a fundamental principle. Our fees are transparent and Mirador pays all trading costs. We don’t use any industry jargon and confusing acronyms in our reporting, ensuring you have a clear understanding of your investments.



No hidden fees

Mirador pays all trading costs

See-through reporting & zero jargon

Driven by Data

When it comes to wealth management in Calgary, we focus on the facts. We employ technical analysis,  quantitative analysis, and data modeling – using extensive historical data to optimize our investment programs and gain insights into the potential effectiveness of our strategies.

The commitment to data-driven decision making takes the emotion out of investing, cutting out the noise of conflicting mainstream media investment predictions and advice.

Technical Analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Modelling and back-testing

Dedicated to stability with income

Mirador is the ideal choice for those seeking safety, consistent income, and a non-mainstream approach to money management. Are you…

Seeking capital preservation and stable, long-term investment income regardless of the size of your investment?

Approaching retirement, and value stability over the allure of unrealistic growth and short-term investment fads?

Looking for wealth advisory support from a fund manager who you can access directly, ensuring that your concerns and questions are addressed promptly?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, we are the right partner in your financial success.

We offer one thing, and one thing only, a singular focus on capital preservation and stable, long-term investment income.

Mirador Corporation clients invest in our exclusive Triopay approach using an efficient unit trust structure for the Canadian program and individual securities for the U.S. Triopay program.  We do not use mutual funds. The Triopay approach offers a range of benefits, including regular income from a diverse range of assets and careful management from our end to manage volatility and provide excellent liquidity.

How we serve our Mirador family

Investment Management

Mirador’s investment philosophy revolves around timeless principles: earnings, cash flow, valuation, and high impact dividend factors.

We recognize the continuous battle between supply and demand and navigate the psychological and emotional idiosyncrasies of investors with a focus on facts.

By steering clear of fleeting trends, we focus on the fundamentals that have driven our sustained success over the past 30 years.

Wealth Advisory Services

Financial, Retirement, Cash flow, and Estate planning, along with personal risk management, go hand in hand with your investing.

At Mirador, many of our clients take advantage of our wealth advisory service offerings.  Our strategies ensure they are optimizing their after-tax income while achieving the best financial future for their retirement and estate goals, without taking excessive risks.

Meet the makers of your success

Multi-Decade Knowledge, Multi-Firm Experience

Mirador Corporation is led by seasoned professionals with multi-decade, multi-firm experience.  Over the last 30 years, we have managed the ups and downs of the market and made smart choices that have helped our clients navigate tumultuous market periods such as the financial crisis of 2008 and the covid-induced declines of 2020.

We are one of you. Become part of our family of strategic investors. Our team shares a common goal—providing you with a stable and rewarding investment experience. We are not here to chase short-term gains but to build a lasting and prosperous financial future alongside you.

Meet Stan and Joyce

Heading up Mirador Corporation is our founder, Stan. He is a seasoned professional with decades of experience in the financial industry. His commitment to continuous learning has cultivated wisdom, intuition, and a unique perspective that forms the foundation of our approach. Beyond expertise, it’s his unconventional approach and dedication to your financial success that makes Stan truly unique.

Joyce is Mirador’s CFO. She is an invaluable asset who ensures the financial continuity and regulatory compliance of Mirador, as well as handling the accounting and administrative support needed to run the business smoothly. Joyce is also a pivotal part of the client wealth advisory services and client relationship management, acting as a liaison between the portfolio manager (Stan) and the client’s legal and tax advisors.  Joyce and Stan work closely together maintaining the personal touch that Mirador has become known for.

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