Financial Planning in Calgary

Helping You Strategize, Planning for your Financial Peace of Mind

While our key focus at Mirador Corporation is investing your wealth to create capital preservation and stable, long-term investment income, we also provide financial planning to our clients as part of our wealth advisory services. We understand that investment management and financial planning go hand in hand and that it is crucial to consider both to holistically accumulate and preserve your wealth.

Often financial planners and tax advisors lack a comprehensive understanding of your investment portfolio, or investment managers are not aware of the full financial plan, so they might end up making recommendations without all the facts. Mirador handles all these aspects for you, ensuring this won’t happen.

At Mirador, we develop your financial plan with a full understanding of your comprehensive financial picture, considering all facets of your financial life including your investments and tax situation. We work directly with your tax and legal advisors as required so that our approach to financial management is well-coordinated.

With our holistic approach to wealth management, whether it’s short-term budgeting or long-term retirement planning, we create comprehensive financial plans tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.

We plan your finances like we manage your investment portfolio, and we give advice and guidance that we would take in creating our own financial plan. It’s the kind of service and peace of mind you can only get with a truly independent firm.

Our Role as Your Financial Planner: Supporting Your Unique Financial Situation

The traditional notions of financial management do not apply to us.  We adopt a holistic approach to wealth management.  In addition to managing your investment portfolio, we address your whole financial plan which considers all facets of your financial life so that you reach your financial goals faster.    From short-term budgeting to long-term retirement planning, we create a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.

Your Strategic Partner

We are portfolio management experts and financial strategists with a vast amount of experience and education in wealth advisory and planning. We are committed to comprehensively understanding your distinct financial objectives, risk tolerance and other behavioural finance attributes and your aspirations.  By developing your financial plan, we will work closely with you to ensure that you make smart financial decisions that evolve to meet the demands of your life and the market.   We have your best interests at heart.

Educators and Financial Advisors

As investment managers with financial planning expertise, we empower you with the knowledge and resources required to navigate any complex financial landscape.   We provide insights into investments, tax implications and retirement planning, fostering financial literacy and informed decision-making so you can achieve your financial and lifestyle goals faster.

Beyond numbers, we can provide ethical guidance, emphasizing responsible financial behaviour and ensuring that you are not just accumulating wealth but doing so in a manner that aligns with your values and principles.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

We adopt a holistic approach to wealth management which considers all facets of your financial life. From short-term budgeting to long-term retirement planning, we create comprehensive financial plans tailored to your unique circumstances and aspirations.

In a city with an economy sensitive to global and regional factors, we stay abreast of market trends and economic forecasts. We leverage this insight to position you advantageously, whether in investment, wealth management, tax planning, or retirement strategies.

When it comes to wealth management, it is not a one-time endeavour. As our client, we can also act as your financial advisors on a per-need basis. We provide ongoing support and regularly monitoring of your financial plans to ensure we remain aligned with your evolving goals and the city’s economic landscape.

The Importance of Consulting a Financial Advisor in Calgary

Financial planning is an essential component of personal and economic well-being, providing you with a strategic framework to navigate life’s financial complexities.  Make informed decisions with Mirador on your side.

The strategic roadmap we develop will help you achieve your unique financial goals.   Whether it’s saving for major life events, funding education, or planning for retirement, a well-crafted financial plan provides direction and purpose.   It also contributes to overall financial resilience, ensuring you have emergency funds and risk mitigation strategies to protect you and your family from the unexpected, providing you a safety net during times of uncertainty and allowing you to prosper.

Key Components of Financial Planning

Financial planning is a dynamic process that involves various components crucial for achieving financial goals and ensuring long-term stability.

Income Management

Effective management of income involves assessing current income sources, identifying potential future streams, and creating strategies to optimize income for both short-term needs and long-term goals.

This income can come from different sources, each with its own tax implications. A financial planner will assist in developing tax-efficient withdrawal strategies to minimize tax burdens on income which can have a significant impact on your overall wealth.

Lifestyle Planning and Understanding your cash flow needs

An important first step to any financial plan is understanding how much money you require each year to live the lifestyle of your dreams.  Financial planning includes budgeting for these lifestyle aspirations and ensuring individuals can enjoy their desired lifestyle and activities without compromising their financial stability.

Capital Preservation

Preserving investment capital is a major priority, especially during retirement.   At Mirador, we recognize the importance of balancing the need for income with the need for capital preservation and this is why we have created the Mirador Triopay Canadian and U.S. programs.

Ongoing Financial Monitoring

Financial planning is not a one-time event.  The plan should be regularly monitored and adjusted to ensure it remains aligned with individual goals as well as current market conditions and financial strategy.

Wealth Accumulation and Preservation

Wealth accumulation and preservation is an instrumental part of any financial plan, along with implementing risk management strategies.  That’s why Mirador’s holistic approach to managing your overall wealth works so well.

Your Partner in Wealth Management and Financial Planning

At Mirador Corporation, we have a deep understanding of various financial aspects and market dynamics which allows us to help you navigate complex financial landscapes.

As a client of Mirador, in addition to managing your investment portfolio, we will guide you through your financial plan. With our holistic approach, we consider all aspects of your financial life, including those of your spouse and other members of your family as required.

This comprehensive tailor-made approach ensures that no crucial element is overlooked in your pursuit of financial stability and that your financial plan aligns precisely with your needs and aspirations, whether that’s buying a home or planning for retirement.

If you would like to effectively plan for your financial future, speak to a portfolio manager at Mirador Corporation in Calgary and become part of the Mirador family today. Knowing that a qualified professional is overseeing and optimizing your financial affairs allows you to sleep at night and focus on your life with confidence knowing that you are on a path to financial success.

‘He who fails to plan is planning to fail’

Winston Churchill